BMX Skate Parks


skate-parkHello, and welcome to the latest BMX article. In this BMX article I will be talking about skate parks, why they were made and what different things are there.

Skate parks are made for people who take part in extreme sports such as BMX, Skating and inline skating and need somewhere to practice and to show off their skills. Skate parks are a fantastic place where everyone there wants the same thing as you, and most of them are very friendly. You will occasionally get the odd person who doesn’t care about other people, but just ignore them; they aren’t going to make any friends. Whereas if you are friendly, let people have a turn on the obstacles, and say sorry if you get in someone’s way or crash, you will have no problems.

Skate parks are the best way to increase your skill, fast. Everything there is set up perfectly for you; there will be everything you could ever need, in the big parks anyway. You will come across “Skate Parks” that are just a quarter or half pipe by a football pitch, these are alright, but are often full of kids who think kicking a football up them is fun. Sometimes you can just start riding and they will leave, but other times it is not worth it.

The big skate parks are where the fun is at, where people are very good and you could just sit there all day watching them in awe. The only thing you think is “I wish I could do that!” the only way you will ever be able to do it is practice. Go up and talk to them, just compliment them, and then ask if they would show you how to do what they did, or if you know how to if they have any tips as to how to do it, or even if they could tell you where you are going wrong, it won’t hurt them and they are sure to want to help.

At big skate parks, there will be beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. But I advise you to stick to what you know, until you know it well and feel you need to move on to the next section. If you can’t even 180 a half pipe, you will just be getting in peoples way on a vert ramp. Stay on the mini ramp until you can fully 180 it, then move onto the next size up and learn to 180 that, when you can 180 about 3-4 feet out every time, then move onto the vert ramp, you will actually find it easier than the normal half pipe, as it has a bigger transition and it goes vertically up, so naturally, you will as well.

Skate parks have everything you will ever need, so it is worth making the journey regularly to a decent one and paying money to ride it, this will stop there being kids in the way and will let you ride.

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