Build or Buy your BMX?


build-or-buyHello, in this BMX article I will be talking about how you should acquire your new BMX. Building a BMX and buying a full BMX are both ways to get the same end result – a BMX, but with different ways of getting there.

Buying a BMX is obviously the easiest way to get a BMX, and it will most likely to be cheaper as well. Buying the BMX new and buying the same parts new will always leave the full bike cheaper.

But are you really that bothered about the money? Would you rather have a bike because it was cheaper, even though you may not like it, or a bike you know you will definitely like, that is exactly how you want it?
One thing you should always do before you attempt to build a BMX is to make sure you have everything planned out. You should have all of the money for all of the parts at the before you buy them. A working project may end up in a loss of motivation, and so half a BMX sitting in your house for months before you decide what you want to do with it. Make a check list of every part you need, and then next to it, the part you are planning on buying, along with the price. This way, you will be organized, and not left without parts when you come to build it all up.

Building a BMX is not something you will want to do if you have never done anything technical with a bike before. One thing that I would highly recommend doing, if you want to build a bike, and not be that bothered about riding it a lot, or maybe even sell it, is to buy a full bike, for say £200, something that you will like, and then when you get bored of something, or something gets scratched or slightly dented, take it off and replace it with a new part. This will give you the skills to build the BMX, and most importantly, the parts. If you buy a frame only, then use this as the base to a new bike. When the part is replaced, put the old part on this frame, thus building a BMX and having one to ride at the same time, you will never be bike less, and will even have a spare one at the end of it. You could even sell the spare one, maybe even making a small profit if you got the replacements for cheap.

Buying a BMX is not something you want to do too often, so make sure you do it properly. Ride the bike before you buy it, ask about it, find reviews of it, photo’s of it in use, all of this will help you make your decision. Make sure, you are not pressured into buying it, because all of your friends have a better bike than yours, it should be something you buy because you like it.

Thanks for reading this BMX article and please check back for the next one!