How to get better at BMX


how-to-get-better-at-bmxDo you want to push yourself to become a much better rider? Do you want to be able to compete with the people who have been riding at your local skate park for much longer than you? In this BMX article I will be telling you how to become a better rider.

Becoming a better BMX rider is something you will want to do if you have the drive to do it, some people buy a BMX, ride it for a few weeks and then when they find out they can’t do anything on it, give up. This is a very bad approach to take, not just on a BMX but in life generally. You should never give up because you cannot do something, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

With riding a BMX, and tricking it, practice is key. When learning tricks, you will never do them perfectly first time, you may do it, but it won’t be done well or look good. Keep practicing it until you can do it perfectly every time. Only then can you say you can do the trick.

One enormous factor in improving quickly is riding with others. For example, this weekend I went to a busy skate park twice, and learned more than I ever did riding ramps on my own. Other people who are better than you push you into doing more tricks, and even show you how to do them. Unless you are trying something stupid, you won’t even break a bone if you fall, so there is nothing to worry about, is there?

Having confidence is the only way to try new tricks. You have to build up the courage to even try to do them before you do it, and this is the hardest bit about it. For example, the first time you ever drop in, you will be very scared, and while at the top of the ramp, will be thinking about all of the possibilities of things that can happen to you, everyone does it. The key is to bypass these fears and go for it anyway, as long as you know how to do it, and have the skills to do it, chances are you will do it first time. And if you fall on your first time dropping in, you have built up the courage to try it once; from now on it is so much easier.

Before you even go to the skate park to try a new trick, just think about what you are going to do; do you know how to do it? How do you take off, land, spin? These are all things you need to know before attempting something, for example, trying your first high air out of a ramp, setting up is easy, ride fast at it, but what do you do when you are in the air? This is what you need to find out.

Thanks for reading this BMX article and I hope it helps.


  1. I was about to quit BMX when i typed on google “How to become better at BMX” because I’m just learning now that I hear, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” I’ll keep going.

  2. im 13 and i have been riding for 8 months.. the only problem that i have is trying new things on my bike. i always b*&!@ out on stuff