How to look after your BMX bike


how-to-look-after-your-bikeHello and thanks for looking at the BMX article. In this BMX article I will be talking about looking after your BMX, something you should do a lot, and something that needs to be done properly.

One of the major and most common things that affects bikes is rust. Rust is when the metal corrodes, most likely because of moisture, either caused by rain or dampness. So where the BMX is stored plays a vital role in keeping it healthy and working. Keeping it in a dry place is a must. Even though this is not always possible, in some places, because of wooden sheds and other things, a BMX is small remember, and so can easily be stored inside the house somewhere out of the way.

You should always check your bike before going out riding on it. (If you have any) are your brakes tight? Is the bottom bracket tight? Are the wheels moving freely? Are the tires pumped up properly? Are there any cracks in the frame? Once the entire bike is checked, and working, you can then go riding. One thing you don’t want to be doing is riding on a loose part, as that is a major cause of the part degrading faster and needing replacing.

Make sure that you regularly oil and grease your bike, if possible, after every time you ride it. Have oil and grease make for bikes, although more expensive, it does its job, and does it well. It is very worthwhile to spend the extra £10, as it will save you much more than that in the long run. Oil the chain, the freewheel, the sprocket and all of the nuts on the bike. Grease the bearings inside the bottom bracket and the headset, although this doesn’t need doing every time you ride it, at least once a month will keep it in good shape.

Your tires should be pumped up to about 50 psi, this is a good pressure to use as it stopped the rim hitting the floor on hard landings, which could seriously damage your rim, and it will run over most things on the floor un stopped. If you don’t know what psi your tires are at, you need a good pump. About £15 will get you a big pump, with a pressure dial and several attachments.

And another thing that often gets looked over is how to wash your bike. Don’t at all costs use a jet wash. Jet washes are bike killers; they get water inside sealed bearings and give them a lower life. If you have to use a hosepipe, stay away from the hubs, and the bottom bracket. Ideally, you should use warm, soapy water with a sponge to get everything off it, proceeding to oil and grease it after. Dirt is not something you want clogging up the small hard to reach areas of the bike.

To end this article, I am just going to say again, it is worth spending good money on the things you need to keep your bike in good shape; it works out cheaper in the long run.

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  1. Very nice artical, I did not know alot about all this stuff, and was orignaly trying to find some way to wash a bike, because usally I just spray the bike with water and the dirt never comes off. So i guess soapy water will help right?

  2. Is it OK to keep your bike in a wooden shed or will it damage the bike ? PS very helpful article:-)