How to spin on a BMX


how-to-spinHello and welcome to this new BMX article about how to do rotations in the air.

Want to get your airs looking stylish and amazing people? Add some spins to them. Don’t know how? Carry on reading.

Spinning is one of the scariest, yet most rewarding and good looking forms of tricks there is. They are very hard to learn, because if you don’t go for it first time, you are very likely to fall. Unlike with any other trick, you may not always be facing forwards or backwards, trying spins can be uncontrollable when you start and are very difficult to control.

There are 3 parts to doing an air rotation, the spin initiation, the air control and the landing. Each of these parts needs its own explanation, although most of the spin is covered in parts 1 and 2. The thing that you need to remember when spinning is that even if you do fall, you can get up and try again. The hardest part to this trick, as with nearly every other trick, is to have the confidence to try it in the first place. Just remember, after your first time trying it, you can always try it again a lot easier.

The spin I am going to be looking at is the 360. For the set up for this trick, the best place to try it is on a fun box, with a transitioned ramp going on to flat. Make sure that there are no rails or anything in the way, so it is just the ramp and the flat on top. This way you don’t need to go too fast to get the air time, and it is not a fast landing, because it is flat at the same level of the lip.

So, to the 360; you will want to approach the ramp at just about jogging speed, head for the middle of the ramp, so long as it is wide. You will need to know which direction you are going to be spinning in. If you ride right foot forwards, then you will generally spin to your left, and if you ride left foot forwards, then you will spin to the right. The initiation of the spin is the hardest part. You need to carve in the direction you will spin on the ramp, not too much, about 45 degrees. When you take off the lip, look over your left shoulder and spin your shoulders. As long as your head and shoulders are spinning, the rest of your body will follow.
When you have taken off the lip, you should be around 90 degrees spun, keep looking over your shoulder until you can see the spot where you want to land. Making sure all the way through your bike is level and underneath you. Once you have your landing spotted, you are pretty much guaranteed to land there, and ride away clean, but obviously not the first time, to get it perfect takes practice.

Thanks for reading this BMX article, and please check back for the next one!


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