The Bunny Hop on your BMX


the-bunny-hopEver wanted to be able to bunny hop but never been able to? This BMX article will be teaching you how to.

The Bunny hop is one of the hardest to master, yet most used trick in the whole of BMX. It is the art of “jumping” from flat ground, in order to clear obstacles or to ride without stopping to get up a curb. There are two different kinds of bunny hops, and depending on where you go, you will see each type used. Each different bunny hop has its advantages and disadvantages, for example, the style of bunny hop where you take both of the wheels off the ground at the same time is good for spinning 180’s on ramps and jumping off curbs, whereas the style of bunny hop where you lift the front wheel first, then the back wheel gets a lot more high, and so can be used for getting over obstacles.

So, to the point, here is a guide of how to bunny hop.

This first guide will be about where both wheels leave the ground at the same time.

Right, the first thing you want to be doing is to be travelling at about jogging speed, not too fast and not too slow, with a lot of room around you. You will want to be ready to jump. Bend down towards the bike, ready to spring up, and them with your toes pointing towards the ground, jump up, pulling the front up with your arms and the back end up by pressing backwards against the pedals and jumping.
This will bring the bike up underneath you. Bear in mind it will take you many tries to get this the first time, as you will need to gain strength in the muscles you use to bunny hop. Also, the most height you will get from a bunny hop like this is about 6”, this is mainly used for getting air time off ramps, not for clearing obstacles.

The other type of bunny hop is when you lift the front end up first, into a manual, then spring off the back wheel as high as you can lifting the bike up with you.

First of all, you will need to know how to manual, you don’t need to be able to manual for a long time, just enough to lift your front wheel up. The higher you can bring up your front wheel, the higher you will go when bunny hopping. To get the manual at the beginning of the bunny hop, lean back and pull up, whilst pressing down on the pedals. Once up, point your toes towards the floor again and whilst pressing back on the pedals, jump and try and bring your feet as far towards your bottom as you can. This is the best way to generate height.

This type of bunny hop is the hardest to master, and even harder to get high and good, but is the best type you can learn.

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  1. hey man this help me cuz like i just stated bmx agin cuz at firt i sayed i can not do this so i gave up an then i saw this an it’s ben helping me later . ???? hahah mac miller