What is a BMX?


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A BMX is a bicycle (bike) with 20” wheels. These are small wheels, and you will often see many children using them. A BMX is very easily distinguishable by the fact that there is no suspension on the forks or the rear of the bike, and that there are no gears at all. A BMX is single speed.

The name BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross, which is just like motocross, except it is a lot cheaper, and does not need money to be put into it regularly. The origin of hits name comes from racing the bike, but the BMX has been adapted since then, with new features such as Gyro’s, which allow the handlebars to spin more than 360 degrees, with no cables getting twisted at all and free coasters, which allow for a BMX to go backwards with the clutch disengaged, so you don’t have to pedal backwards with the bike.

These adaptations have allowed a new form of BMX riding to be evolved from racing, freestyle.
The name freestyle kind of gives away what it is, it is when you can do whatever you feel like, tricks, speed, whatever you want! Freestyle BMX can be done anywhere; you can do it on streets, finding obstacles to jump over, at skate parks, using ramps to give you enough airtime to pull off stunning tricks, or in woods, with ramps made of dirt.

All of these different aspects of BMX have been adapted over the years, and have given riders the ability to do whatever they want. Tricks are customisable, and different styles of different riders make them look better, or even worse. Tricks can be made up and names and you may even see others pulling them off soon.

In street, you can make up your own lines, jumping off a wall, to grinding a kerb, to spinning off a bank; everything is as you want it to be. You can do whatever you want, express yourself in the way you ride.
Of course, BMX is an extreme sport, so you should be very care full with it. Safety should always be your first concern, when approaching a jump, or even heading down a hill, you should be extra care full not to hurt yourself. But saying that, if you want to get good at riding a BMX, crashes are part of the learning process. And the sayings, “You always learn from your mistakes” and “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again” come into play here, if you fall off trying to land your first 360, or if you can’t land bunny hops, keep trying and it will make you a much better rider. Make sure that you enjoy everything that you do, and don’t scare yourself silly, just push yourself.

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