Why ride a BMX?


why-ride-a-bmx1Hello, and welcome to and thanks for reading the BMX article. In the BMX article I will be talking about why people ride BMX’s, as a pose to any other type of bike.

If you don’t ride a BMX, you may well be thinking to yourself, “Why would anyone want to ride a BMX? It is really small, has no gears and no suspension”. Everything that has just been said is absolutely true, but it depends on what you like as to whether this applies to you. The lack of suspension will make your riding a lot smoother, it will make sure you don’t make mistakes that would be soaked up by the suspension of a mountain bike. The fact that a BMX only has 1 gear, will appeal to some people as less maintenance, less to go wrong, and makes the legs stronger. But for others, could mean walking up hills and being tired all of the time. These are things that do happen to BMX riders.

One major advantage of a BMX is the size of it. With the small frame and small wheels, they are very easy to maneuver in the air as well as on the ground. And with a small bike, comes a small weight. With the combination of all of these BMX’s are the ultimate freestyle machines for a lot of riders worldwide. For example, after riding a 26” dirt jump bike for a while and getting used to it, changing to a BMX is like going from a Land Rover to a Ferrari. The ease to do everything and move it is phenomenal.

But back to the point, the reason someone would chose a BMX over any other bike, is not for every day practical use, but for use in skate parks, or for doing tricks. In fact, using a BMX for anything other than tricks as rather pointless, unless you are absolutely strapped for cash and can only afford one bike. Why have no suspension, and no gears for commuting?

But for those who want to have fun when they get home, try dropping in a ramp on a road bike, or doing 540’s out of a ramp. It is not a good thing to try, and will most probably break the bike as that is not what it is meant for. But it is what a BMX is meant for, and vice versa, riding a BMX on the roads for 5 miles every day is not going to be as easy as a bike designed for that purpose.

So, in conclusion, the reason people ride a BMX is that they like them, they like the way they feel in the air, the versatility of them, and the simplicity. BMX’s are the best bikes to learn tricks on, as they have virtually nothing that can break, and they are cheap and parts are in the millions for replacements. You could even build your own BMX how you like it, which will be the subject of the next BMX article.

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